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Wild Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Fruit Spread

Wild Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Fruit Spread

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Tangy, fragrant, rich berry. 


SQIRL gets their plump blackberries from Pudwill Farms, the only farmer they know who harvests large amounts of berries and who’s always at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, rain or shine! 
Their Meyer lemons come from Rancho del Sol, the first farmers they ever used at Sqirl!  
You'll love the marriage of these juicy blackberries with the floral and more fragrant Meyer lemon. This jam is easy to love. 


7.75 oz

*Wild blackberries, *cane sugar, *Meyer lemon juice & zest

*certified organic


Jam is the Sqirl creation story. Now an internationally recognized breakfast + lunch restaurant in Virgil Village, Los Angeles, Sqirl started as a tiny jam company. Everything since has radiated from their jam-making genesis. Jam has always connected them to the seasons and to the farmers. And now, more than a decade later, it's a holistic part of everything they do. The journey of a piece of fruit from flower to jar touches many hands: at the farm, within their kitchen, and finally to wherever a jar is sqirled away. Sqirl jam is meant to celebrate each one of those hands.