Archway Light Switch Cover | Spring Dream Reversed

Archway Light Switch Cover | Spring Dream Reversed

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Spice up your light switches and add that extra little touch to your perfectly curated space. The Archway Light Switch Cover has two holes perfectly aligned to replace your standard light switch cover plate. It comes in an array of preselected colour options, or you can choose your own colours to create a custom cover for your home. Two screws are also included to make sure that it fits against any wall. These cuties are sure to make a statement in any room.

Be sure to check the measurements against where your light switch currently is to make sure it will fit, as they are a bit larger than the standard plate size. 


Height: 6"
Width: 5 1/4"
Depth: 3/4" 


Olivia Cupp is a designer from St.Louis, Missouri. She received her Bachelors in Fashion Design at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. Her signature is clear on anything that she designs, unafraid to experiment and explore with her designs, colors and concepts, she embodies the freedom and love of the sixties with a strong understanding of building a better future for the world. And so MindFlowers was born!

Conscious accessories to power your flower. 

MindFlowers is a 60s/70s inspired brand made for those who dare to stand out.
Each piece is loving crafted by Olivia in her home studio, and is made with a conscious and inclusive perspective. Our designs are bold and psychedelic and
are meant to empower the wearer to feel love! Not just from all the eyes that won’t
be able to look away, but from within. We want all our daisies to love and accept themselves and to spread that love to others! Our minds are fertile, our thoughts
and emotions like seeds that we nurture on a daily basis, when we let love lead
we allow the mind to flower. 

Our future is one that empowers and supports, our future is intersectional.