Can of Milky Tea Riso Print
Can of Milky Tea Riso Print

Can of Milky Tea Riso Print

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A risograph print of a can of milky tea

Every print is slightly different because of this technique which makes every print unique.
It is designed and printed by We Are Out Of Office in their studio in the Netherlands.

Printed with soy ink
4 colors
Biotop 300g
13 X 18 cm

We are out of office consists of Felix van Dam & Winneke de Groot, two ‘graphic’ designers from Holland. We run a small studio including a screen print and risograph workshop based in a cherry orchard just outside Utrecht. Our bold and colorful work is inspired by little rarities they pick up and collect during there travels around the world.

We came up with our name during our project in New York where we made screen printed posters for all kind of shops (grocery stores, launderettes, coffee bars etc) in exchange for food and goods.