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Juni & Company

Be Nice Or I'll Cry Sticker

Be Nice Or I'll Cry Sticker

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Not for use outside

Water-resistant: can be on water bottles so long as they are hand washed


Juni & Company, also known as Happyish Brand, is a Michigan-based handmade "happy goods" shop. Kait, the sole maker of Juni & Co., has the mission of making people smile with her products. "As of now I run Happyish Brand with love because I love making small items that bring people instant feelings of joy and happiness. In a society that can be very negative, gloomy, and distressing at times, I believe that playful and colorful items are important to have around. Consider Happyish Brand items to be a little dose of happiness you can use in your daily life. Lastly, my drive to continue Happyish Brand is due to both chronic mental and physical health conditions that make a "normal" 9-5 job difficult for me to do. Not only does Happyish Brand make it so that I can work comfortably but it also gives me a chance to make designs that de-stigmatize and spread awareness regarding chronic mental and physical health conditions that I and my customers both struggle with. Overall, Happyish Brand gives me a sense of belonging and purpose in a world that I, for a long time, felt I had no place in. Although my products are small I hope that they help bring my customers joy and also make them feel like they belong. - Kait

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