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Canvas Pencil Pouch | Denim with Pixie Sticks

Canvas Pencil Pouch | Denim with Pixie Sticks

Talking out of Turn
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No more digging around to find your pens, pencils, markers, glitter, or writing must-haves. Whatever your writing weapon of choice may be, you can find them safe and sound in the Canvas Pencil Pouch. Designed for pens and pencils but this pouch can hold so much more.


9.75" x 4"

Dyed canvas exterior

10oz canvas liner


Talking Out Of Turn was born from a desire to create work that would have more meaning day-in and day-out. They like to think that they're boosting your productivity in whatever that may mean with their colourful and fun products. It’s their hope that they can fill your life with colour and inspire you to get out there and do the thing.