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Laurence King

Dilemmarama the Game | Happy edition

Dilemmarama the Game | Happy edition

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You get to have a robot butler OR you can become any animal you like? You have a magic tap that contains all the drinks you want OR you snap your fingers and your entire house is tidy and clean? This game only has one rule: you HAVE to choose! And this time around, both options will make you feel happy. For this happy edition of Dilemmarama we've only selected positive dilemmas. The kind that will put a smile on your face, but that will also cause heated debates and feisty duels. And, because everything in life is a dilemma, there are two game options to choose from. One of the options allows you to become the Dilemmaestro by creating difficult dilemmas for the other players. The other option lets you play in teams and you have to try to guess what your teammates will choose. It is a way to really get to know your friends and family!


65 cards

5.45" x 4.9" x 1.95"


Dilemma op Dinsdag arose when six friends were bored on a birthday. After hours of discussions about impossible dilemmas, they decided to start a Facebook page to let their friends vote what the best option for the dilemma was. Meanwhile, the page has now 285,000 fans, they are discussed in various media and the number of followers are constantly rising on all their social media pages

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