Electric Pour Over Kettle

Electric Pour Over Kettle

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An electric, variable temperature version of the much loved TIMEMORE kettle is here! This is the electric pouring kettle to take your pourover brewing to the next level. The 1000W, 600ml (20oz) model of the kettle is ideal for brewing two smaller cups of coffee or one really big one while still giving you enough precision to brew an amazing pourover. 


600ml (20oz)

Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel with easy-grip handle

Precise & Steady Pouring: The electric kettle has a long gooseneck spout that gives you ultimate control over the water volume and flow rate. The precision spout creates a constant water stream, ensuring even extraction and eliminating unwanted agitation of the coffee.

Quick Heating: With a 1350 watt quick heating function, the kettle boils full kettle of water (0.8L) up to 212℉ in 3 minutes to satisfy your desire anytime with a great cup of pour-over coffee.

Touch & Slide: Always easily program desired temperature by sliding your fingers on the LED bar to 33℉ accuracy from 104 to 212℉. Instead of waiting to reheat the water, you can also set to keep the water at specific temperature for up to 1 hour.

For Your Safety: With a built-in auto-off and boil-dry protection, the pour over kettle automatically turns off when it reaches the desired temperature or when there is no water inside. And special design is added for the dual-wall lid with air holes hidden by the side to keep you safe from the steam.

Elegant & Comfortable: A matte black minimalistic design makes this goose necked kettle a eye-catcher anywhere while stainless steel craftsmanship ensures is rust resistant; plus, a balanced body with an ergonomic shape and design handles maximize your comfort to lift, pour and fill for a longer time.


TIMEMORE's designs are based on professionalism, aesthetics, ease of use, and honesty. In this fast-paced world, they help people pursue rituals for a slower life with coffee equipment.