Floating On Joy

Floating On Joy

Liza Isakov
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Art from Liza Isakov's BLOOM Collection


5" x 5" 

10" x 10"


Liza Isakov is an artist and art educator based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and is the founder of The Unicorn Factory. Isakov is an emerging artist creating works on paper, her practice draws inspiration from everyday objects and observations. Collecting items, imagery, and memories to create an image that reflects her sensitive mark making.

Isakov’s practice begins with documenting simple moments from everyday life, later simplified into basic shapes and colours. She explores and responds to the relationship between colours, shapes and sensitive lines, mostly based on abstract forms and observational subject matters.

Liza’s work has been exhibited around Winnipeg and Montreal, both in solo and group, and covered by various magazines. In 2020, she graduated from Concordia University, Majoring in Studio Arts.