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Handle with Care:Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Handle with Care:Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Elyse Brouhard
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There's so much stigma around Borderline Personality Disorder but so little understanding. Almost every book about it is written for non-BPD family members, partners, and therapists. This zine is written for people with BPD by someone who has the diagnosis herself and truly gets it. Elyse shares her own story, along with what she has learned along the way about symptoms, diagnosis, healthy and unhealthy coping, maintaining relationships, friendships, religion, addiction, and most of all developing a good relationship with your own body and mind. She also offers some good advice for people whose loved ones have BPD, and for therapists with BPD clients.


8.5" x 5.5"


My name is Elyse Brouhard. I am thirty-something chronologically, but seven at heart, and generally an old-soul. I love the feel of raindrops on warm skin. I am a poet and dreamer disguised as a cynic. I am soulful and hopeful in my best moments. I am a sometimes wayward servant. I believe in a God who loves fiercely and forgives wholly. I am an alcoholic in recovery. Broken in stained glass pieces: a patchwork quilt stitched together to make a beautiful whole.  I am struggling and healing, wounded and healed. I long for kinship, friendship, and sibling-hood

I work mostly as a social-worker, my current joy is working with folks struggling with severe mental illness. I am supported and cared for by my church family, my bio family, and my AA community. I think everyone should find community somewhere. It has saved my life.

I am here to listen and share, to embrace what is hard and cherish what is good.
I am muddy boots and rained on leaves—I take joy in stomping in puddles.