How To Have Meaningful Relationships
How To Have Meaningful Relationships

How To Have Meaningful Relationships

Emma Power
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Relationship skills are not innate, they are skills to be learned. How to Have Meaningful Relationships is your map to make this happen.

In a world of life goals, pursuits and following our dreams, we scarcely think to upskill in relating. But ask anyone to name the most important thing in their lives and they'll likely say their relationships. When our relationships are firing, we're at our happiest, most grounded and motivated. But the sad reality is many of us find these connections quite challenging to develop—be it with our partners, families or colleagues. Too often, conflict, disconnection and poor communication are disjointing the way we relate.

With useful tools, ideas, and checklists on how to become the very best team player you can be, How to Have Meaningful Relationships will provide the practical steps you need to take you closer to living a life of extraordinary relationships, deep fulfilment, intimacy, connection and meaning.

The Survive the Modern World series tackles the big subjects and issues we face today in a fun and digestible way. The tone is frank and chatty, but the content is comprehensive. This series is all about taking action. Read these books to better yourself and the world around you.



144 pages

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Emma Power is a relationship teacher, writer and speaker. She has dedicated the past decade to travelling the world to teach people how to find connection and joy in their relationships and sexuality. She's the co-founder of Tantra Is Love and The Awaken School, and through these platforms, she has armed thousands of people with her practical tools. She regularly speaks at festivals, hosts retreats and workshops, and travels extensively to teach a range of eager audiences. She has appeared on Triple J, Channel 7 and throughout Australia’s major publications and media.