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Love Spell Tea

Love Spell Tea

Par Avion Tea
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A beautiful black tea with pineapple pieces, vanilla and lemon balm infused with just a little bit of magic. This tea blend was specifically formulated to activate the power of attraction. Each tin has an incantation on the back to help you improve a current relationship or to attract someone's attention. Sip and manifest.


2 oz / 57g

Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Ingredients: black tea, pineapple pieces, calendula with sunflower petals, lemon balm leaves, natural flavours

Made in USA


Par Avion Teas are hand-blended and packed in small batches using an artisan method. Their leaves are hand-sorted, looking for only the best quality. Par Avion Tea HQ sits in beautiful Los Gatos, CA nestled on the corner of Main Street & Victory Lane where locals wait in line hoping to purchase limited edition blends before they run out.