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A Shop of Things

Lucky Charm Koozie

Lucky Charm Koozie

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Keep your LaCroix colder for longer with this charming koozie! (koozie? Coozie? Coolie?) Design features a smiley face, some sparkles, hearts, tulips, butterflies, daisies, cherries and checkerboard, aka all our favourite motifs over here!


Yellow neoprene koozie printed all over with cute print.


A Shop of Things is a curated online store of objects for the modern adult. Edgy and sassy, empowering and adorable, their goal is to take your every day household item and make it cuter! A Shop of Things was founded in 2015 by Mia Calotta and now is run along with Tabitha Thurber in a basement of a little house in Nashville, Tennessee.

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