Match Made In Heaven Puzzle | 1000 Pieces
Match Made In Heaven Puzzle | 1000 Pieces
Match Made In Heaven Puzzle | 1000 Pieces
Match Made In Heaven Puzzle | 1000 Pieces

Match Made In Heaven Puzzle | 1000 Pieces

Le Puzz
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Match Made in Heaven is an arrangement of our huge collection of vintage matchbooks. We fell in love with the colourful tips and the diverse range of graphic designs on the covers. Hope they strike a chord with you!

Le Puzz puzzles are random cut — so every piece is different than the next!

The games on the back of all Le Puzz boxes can be completed with a fine tip dry erase marker for easy clean-up and enjoyment again and again.

"You know what just burns me up and lights my fire at the same time, frikin matches. These beautiful perfect little books contain one of the world’s smallest miracles – fire. What else can block both the odour of an onion and well other unwanted … you know ;) Our collection of vintage matchbooks is from all over the world each one functions like it’s own mini puzzle within the puzzle. Does it strike your fancy, light your fire or burn you out? We obviously think you guys are a match made in heaven." 


Series 1

Completed, Lighten Up is 30" x 24"

The Lighten Up box is 14.25" x 9" x 2"

This puzzle includes 1000 pieces, a reusable resealable bag, bonus-sided fold-out poster


We’re Le Puzz and we love jigsaw puzzles! We collect them, we do them with friends and family, we give them away and trade them when we’re finished. We especially love collecting vintage puzzles from the 60s, 70s and 80s with an odd sense of humour.

We love old puzzle box illustrations, silly copy, weird jigsaw shapes and of course interesting images. There really isn't anything like that feeling of finishing a puzzle and running your hand over it, then trying to pick it up off the table in one piece.

We started Le Puzz with all of this in mind and set out to create a puzzle experience that we thought was fun and we hope you enjoy as well.