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Pet Travel Water Bottle
Pet Travel Water Bottle
Pet Travel Water Bottle
Pet Travel Water Bottle
Pet Travel Water Bottle

Pet Travel Water Bottle

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This Pet Travel Water Bottle lets your pet drink water easily while on the go. Its angled water bowl is 60mm deep, making it similar to drinking from a bowl at home. The water bottle is designed with functionality and comfort in mind - operate with one hand by locking and dispensing with a single button, and tilt the bottle at a 45° while your pet drinks for additional comfort. The screw cap and seal prevent leakage, allowing the bottle to be tossed in a bag without worry. In addition, the water is filtered with activated carbon and removes chlorine and absorbs impurities. Each. filter can be used approximately 100 times.

1. Soak the filter part with room-temperature water for 10 minutes before the first use.
2. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to keep the filter element dry.
3. After use, please clean the product thoroughly, and store it dry.
4. Please replace the filter component on a regular basis as appropriate, depending on the use frequency, the use duration and the storage environment.


11 x 7.5 x 28 cm

360 ml

ABS and PC plastic


Pidan is a brand that focuses on pet products design. They strive to present pet lovers with aesthetic, functional and well-designed products. Pidan aims to provide better living experience to all companion animals and their families through their products and services.