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Philodendron Leaf

Philodendron Leaf

Cosmic Peace Studio
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Add some foliage to your existing forever flower collection or start with the tropical lushness of leaves

Oh the Philodendron - A symbol of health and abundance and often used as a muse for artists and there are many, many varieties of species with their origin being slightly a mystery


Laser cut wood

Approx 14"

Hand painted on both sides

Colour is deep green with an olive and vermillion line running through it

Made in United States of America


Like so many of my design heroes the studio, my art practice and the way I hope you feel when you live with what gets made are an integral part of everything I do. Most things are made in house in Brooklyn, NY with a sense of cosmic peace and integrity that I believe is important to reflect back into the world. Anything not made in house is made with responsible manufacturers.