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Punky Pins

Plant Parent Wooden Eco Pin

Plant Parent Wooden Eco Pin

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You've heard of dance moms and cat moms, now we bring you *plant parents*. You're the kinda person who has probably ducked out of a few brunches to water your plants and ditched a date or two to sit in your living room turned home-rainforest. And tbh, we don't blame you!


Design by Cat Lobo

Wooden Eco Pin

31mm x 25mm

Made in United Kingdom


Positivity, playfulness and personal empowerment are at the heart of everything Punky Pins does. Founded in 2005 by Claire, Punky Pins was accidentally born from an adventure with a kid’s badge making machine. With the results of Claire’s playful hobby selling like hot cakes on eBay and MySpace (*sigh*), she decided to upgrade to a professional machine, team up with a graphic designer and launch the Punky Pins empire. With Punky Pins, cat jokes and playground innuendos are no longer a secret giggle had when no one’s looking - but a fast - growing language of self - expression and connection for individuals across the world.

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