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Evening Stroll Print

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This image is from Tiny Deer Studio's Evening Stroll series, which was born of the need to find beauty and calm amidst pandemic, panic and protest.

Printed on professional e-surface photographic paper for long-lasting quality. Includes white border.


Tiny Deer Studio features the work of Jessica Watkins, a Texas-born Chicana artist.

 The first collection started after she found vintage bone china deer -  in a hidden little part of her old apartment (a very Amelie-esque experience!). A lover of tiny things, vintage things, light and color - she found inspiration in these little creatures and began her journey into tiny deer studio. 
Now located in Burbank, California, her work has transformed to include vintage-inspired geometric designs and photographs featuring the lovely nature surrounding her in California.
When not producing new work for Tiny Deer Studio, Jessica also runs The Pin Department with her husband and a small team - producing custom goods for other artists and organizations.