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Paul Anderton & Robin Daly

Regrown: How to Grow a Garden on Your Windowsill

Regrown: How to Grow a Garden on Your Windowsill

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Regrown is a beginner's guide to growing fruit and vegetables from kitchen scraps. With a focus on repurposing food produce found in any supermarket, the text shows how to regenerate, propagate, and give new life to cuttings otherwise bound for the waste bin. Many of the examples can be grown indoors- no matter how small your home.

Ranging from fruits and herbs that will sprout in a matter of days, to vegetables that will delight in later seasons, this easy-to-follow book includes everything from spring onions and garlic to ginger, avocado, and even pineapple. Authors Paul and Robin guide budding gardeners through the simple process of reusing everything from carrot tops and mushroom stalks to cabbage and bok choi leaves from their weekly shop to grow plants that are every bit as delicious as their first incarnations. What's more, all you need is a small jar or container, and a tapful of water, before letting nature do its thing.


9" x 7.5"

160 Pages



A professional in the arts by weekday, a passionate allotmenteer by weekend, Paul Anderton grows fruit and vegebetables in his East London patch with friend Robin, and documents their trials and tribulations on their instagram account, @TwoDirtyBoys.

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