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Hangry Ribbon

Hangry Ribbon

Boldfaced Goods
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In the game of life there’s first place, and then there’s worst place. Some people just can’t win, whether they’re spreading illness at work, spreading menace in the parking lot or just generally spreading bad vibes wherever they go.

Fortunately, Boldfaced Goods has created the perfect consolation prize for those folks who can’t get it together. Their Worst Place Ribbons celebrate and honour the failures, frauds and general eff-ups among us. Plus, to ease the sting of the truth, they're designed so they’re shiny, pretty and cute. Give your friends a gentle ribbing with these golden ribbons.


Gold stamped satin

7.5" x 2"


Sappy sentimental gifts are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to boring with products that make people laugh. Featured on Good Morning America, The View, and Buzzfeed, Boldfaces Goods' products are useful, environmentally friendly and hilarious. 

Boldfaced is operated by Lauren Stanley and Shauna Hartsook. They're based in Canada, so they say sorry a lot and add the letter “u” to most words.