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The Peach Fuzz

Staffordshire Dog Croc Charm

Staffordshire Dog Croc Charm

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These babies are sure to make your crocs the hottest in town. You accessorize everything else in your life - why not your crocs too?



PVC Silicone


The Peach Fuzz was created by Elizabeth Hudy in 2017 and currently operates out of San Francisco, California. Their goal is to make activism accessible and fun, giving people colourful ways to raise their voices and make participation in a movement as easy as putting a sticker on a water bottle. Of course, activism is much more than just a sticker, but we've all gotta start somewhere! The Peach Fuzz wants you to be empowered to stand up for what you believe in — and do it all with a little creativity and a LOT of sass.

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