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Lee Pepper

Surprisingly OK Zine

Surprisingly OK Zine

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This zine is about what it felt like for author Lee Pepper to heal, slowly but surely, from complex trauma. Rather than a how-to guide, this zine offers more of an exploration of questions like: What is emotional stability like? What is it like to be present in your body? What is it like to rest? What is it like to be in relationships of care? How do things feel different now, from day to day, after so much time and work and healing? It focuses on how the process of healing can help better live out values of community and solidarity, and touches on topics like sobriety and recovery, transition, somatic practice, antiracism, and the importance of weird art.


8.5" x 5.5"

72 Pages


Lee Pepper is a nonbinary writer and zine maker with a love for public history and adventure. Their work is often focused on friendship, trauma, care, and queerness.

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