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The CBD Solution: Living

The CBD Solution: Living

Merry Jane
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The third book in the Merry Jane CBD series is a guide to improving your day-to-day routines using CBD in every room of your home—for wellness, sleep, sex, cooking, entertaining, and with your pets. Take a journey through your home to discover the many ways CBD can improve your day-to-day routines. You'll learn how to incorporate CBD into your bathroom skin care and beauty rituals, invite CBD into your bedroom, to help you relax or rev up your sex life, experiment in the kitchen with CBD-infused food and drink, share the healing benefits of CBD with your furry friends, and more! With over 25 recipes and DIY projects, plus helpful tips on sourcing, storing, and using CBD in all its forms, this is a wide-ranging, must-have handbook for both the canna-curious and canna-competent—anyone who wants to enhance their lifestyle with the awesome powers of CBD!



208 pages


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