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Things I Do When I Feel Blue Zine

Things I Do When I Feel Blue Zine

With/out Pretend
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If you're the type of person who finds comedy in the sad, weird habits that make us human, we think you will like Things I Do When I Feel Blue. Buy it for your coffee table or for a good friend who likes eating peanut butter from the jar and watching Bill Murray clips on the internet. Things I Do When I Feel Blue started as an actual hand-written list of 16 things author Erin Klassen does, on a semi-regular basis, when she feels blue. Erin's words and Alex Begin's illustrations + layout work together to form this little book, which is funny, sweet, and a bit less depressing than one might suspect.


With/out Pretend is focused on producing, promoting and distributing works by emerging and established writers and visual artists. They are committed to working with those who aren’t typically given a space to share their voice, like women and non-binary folks.