Lists of Lists of Lists of Wikipedia Zine

Lists of Lists of Lists of Wikipedia Zine

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From Wikipedia:

"Listcruft is a term some editors use to refer to indiscriminate or trivial lists. The term derives from the older hacker term cruft, describing obsolete code that accumulates in a program. In general, a "list of X" should only be created if X itself is a legitimate encyclopedic topic that already has its own article..."

This zine is an homage to weird, wacky and dubiously useful lists that populate Wikipedia.

ABOUT: Amy Burek is a scientist and artist living
in the San Francisco bay area. 

My interests include how cells become organisms, how letters become words, and how cat pictures become memes. 

During my time in the laboratory, I studied how organelles communicate within a cell, helped build plants that are more resistant to drought and insects, and measured the rate at which bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics.

As an artist, I am interested in exploring how technology has shaped the ways we communicate, interact with each other, and perceive ourselves. I find the divide between our virtual and physical selves fascinating and feel that the wackiest corners of the internet deserve documentation.