Hello, From Riley Grae!

Hello from Riley Grae ! It's so nice to meet you. It is October of 2023 and Riley Grae has just added another member to their team (me, Emily). It is on this website, rileygrae.com, that I will be posting adorable, monthly blog posts to highlight the beautiful people and things in our store.

Since we're going to be best friends, I think it would be fun to start off with some icebreakers. Y'know, since the best connections are based on good communication - or something. 

I asked 6 of our staff some hard-hitting, journalistic questions, and I feel like I know them all so much better now. Now, I want YOU to know them just as well as I do.

Question 1: What's ur favourite thing in the store?

Lauren (she/they): Sonny Angels! As most of you know, we were in a bit of a crisis when we were in the midst of the Global Sonny Shortage, but we have come back even stronger. We are now Authorized Sonny Angel Dealers (we even have a sign on our door that says so.) 

Trish (she/her)"The staff." I told her that's cheesy, so she also said puzzles. She has taken home more puzzles than anything else in the store.

Ryan (they/them)Their friends and Max. They also love Tobacco 1812 Eau de Toilette from West Third Brand.

Carly (she/they)Dado's Disco Ball Planter, all of our stickers, and their friends.

Suraj (they/them): "The people."

Annie (she/her/they)Reesabobeesa's Daisy Chain Necklace.

Question 2: What's the most underrated item we carry?

L: LePen and Michael Deforage's zines.

T: I said Baggu pillowcases and she agreed.

R: "Baggu puffy picnic blankets because picnic blankets are really awesome."  They like the grass-patterned one.

We also carry non-puffy picnic blankets by Baggu, just so you know.

C: Le Bon Shoppe socks. She loves the sparkly lilac ones right now.

S: Coffee ;)

A: Storage crates from Humber General Store and I Found You candles!

Question 3: If you had to bring one item from the store with you to a desert island, what would it be?

L: Regrown by Paul Anderton and Robin Daly. She said she thinks it would help her grow food to eat, and I told her she could eat the pages if that doesn't work out.

T: Powder Blue by Begonia, but she also might bring a puzzle (of course).

R: Oh My Bod! Everyday Humans SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion. They've used it for two summers now!

C: One of our DIY miniatures so she doesn't get bored. 

S: Poppy & Pout lip balm because "big dry".

A: A KINTO waterbottle!

Question 4: Hello Kitty or My Melody? P.S. See our Sanrio The Crème Shop lotions!

L: My Melody

T: My Melody 

R: My Melody

C: My Melody

S: Hello Kitty

A: Hello Kitty

Question 5: How do you want people to feel when they're in the store?

L: "Overjoyed," she said in a gremlin voice. 

T: "Happy and welcomed."

R: "Welcomed and happy."

C: "Safe and happy."

S: "The warmth and acceptance that we try to cultivate."

A: "Safe and uplifted - energized!"

I know you have all been wondering the answers to those questions for a while now, so I hope I was your hero today. 

A new blog post will be ready for you once a month, but Riley Grae will be ready for you everyday. On this blog you can hear what we have to say, what items we want to talk about, which artists we want to feature, and which drinks we think you should try. Those are just a little bit of what we're going to be writing about here, so you'll just have to tune in every second Friday to see what we're going to talk about next. 

Let's hang out again soon!