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Blackwing Pink Pearl Pencil

Blackwing Pink Pearl Pencil

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The Blackwing Pink Pearl colourway is a new addition to the core Blackwing pencil line-up. Each pencil contains the same balanced and smooth graphite core found in their other Pearl pencils, but has a pearlescent pink finish, silver imprint, and bright blue eraser. The graphite softer than the graphite found in the Blackwing 602, but firmer than the graphite found in the Blackwing Matte. Every Blackwing Pearl pencil features the iconic square Blackwing ferrule.


Genuine Incense-Cedar, Premium Japanese Graphite

Made in Japan


Blackwing's story starts with a pencil, but it doesn't end there. They're a team of writers, artists, musicians, designers, and DIYers who think the world is a little bit better when you slow down. They make thoughtfully designed pencils, notebooks, and tools.

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