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Emma Cutri & Ruby Kannava

Blazed Wax

Blazed Wax

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Blazed Wax is a comprehensive and colourful guide to contemporary candle making from friends and designers Ruby Kannava and Emma Cutri, with twenty-five projects for beautiful candles and candleholders that will light up your life.

Candle making is an ancient craft, but modern candle making is all about incredible shapes and surprising colour combinations. This book brings together everything you need to start making your own sculptural candles at home – from mould-making using everyday items like fruit and vases, to dip-dyed candle-pouring, or even making fun twisted candles from supermarket candles. Including twenty-five projects with easy instructions, step-by-step photography, and guides to materials, scents, safety and styling, Blazed Wax will have you creating in no time.


8.75" x 7"

144 Pages



Emma Cutri moved to Melbourne to study fashion at RMIT, then worked as a teacher before starting her successful label SISTER Studios with her friend Alice six years ago. Ruby Cannava grew up in a house full of artists, studied art at VCA, then fell in love with jewelry while living in New York. She came home to Melbourne to study silversmithing at Melbourne Polytechnic and start her business Kannava Jewels. Emma and Ruby have been friends for a decade and lived together for the last five years. Their home life consists of looking after their matching poodles Bilbo and Beanie, making their house look beautiful, cooking and doing creative things like still life painting, ceramics, mosaics and candle making. Blazed Wax is their first venture together.

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