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Scott Rao

Everything But Espresso

Everything But Espresso

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Scott's second book covers all of the major non-espresso forms of coffee brewing. Broken up into three parts, Everything but Espresso covers the following: 

Part One - Coffee extraction, extraction measurement, and how to manipulate flavor by changing brewing parameters 

Part Two - How to optimize various brewing methods, such as drip, pour over, press pot, and vacuum pot. 

Part Three - Proper water chemistry and bean storage. 

If you're either an espresso aficionado who wants to spread their wings or someone who cherishes their old press pot, this book is the definitive guide to making the best possible brew at home.


70 pages



Scott Rao started his first cafe & roastery in Amherst, MA when he was 22. That first cafe quickly became an institution, serving well over 1000 customers per day and tripling the sales volume of the Starbucks down the street. After selling his first cafe, Scott went on to work in the New Zealand coffee industry. He then returned to the US to open a restaurant and coffee roastery inspired by his travels down under. Scott later founded a pioneering cafe in Montreal that influenced coffee making worldwide.

Upon selling his second business, Scott began writing books about coffee making in the hopes of helping roasters and baristas become more educated and systematic in their approach to coffee. Scott parlayed those books into a consulting career and now spends his time consulting for coffee roasters around the world, teaching the world's most advanced roasting masterclasses, and designing next-generation coffee equipment.

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