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Cat Rabbit

How To Make Friends

How To Make Friends

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Bear has lots of friends if you count her toys, but she’s not sure how to make real friends. And she especially wants to be friends with Koala and Lamb. They both have fluffy ears and like green things. What’s a timid bear to do?

Luckily Bear discovers that friends don't have to like all the same things; they just have to find things they enjoy doing together. And Bear is great at that.

A story about making friends while keeping the qualities and quirks that make you unique.


10" x 9"

42 Pages



Cat Rabbit is a textile artist based in Australia. Using felt, recycled, and vintage fabrics, Cat hand stitches plush sculptural works of her imagined characters and the worlds they might live in. Her work translates to many formats — from children’s books to large scale felt installations to magazine editorials — always with the aim of bringing softness and warmth to the viewer.

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