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House Of Wonders

Life In The Dome - Jamboree

Life In The Dome - Jamboree

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Beginning as a home-recording project, Jamboree made their debut with a pair of lo-fi releases in the summer of 2018. By February of the following year, the band had already made the cover of Winnipeg paper The Uniter as winners of the annual Uniter Fiver competition. Soon after, they became known as a live act to watch, following opening performances for indie favourites Mauno, Hot Garbage, and Living Hour, as well as an appearance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival as part of the Young Performers Program. In 2020, they self-released their debut album A Beautiful Place and began work on their followup, and were signed to House of Wonders Records in 2021 on the strength of their new material.

Behind the band’s steady output and rapid ascent is a deep love of songwriting as a craft. Jamboree has no primary songwriter; each member contributes equally to the creation of the music. The band creates quickly and without inhibition, and then refines towards a greater goal.

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