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Jewelled Dreams Chunky Ring

Jewelled Dreams Chunky Ring

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It appears as though dreams can come true, this ring is here to make a statement like no other. The chunky design, embellished with symbol jewels is not shy about flaunting it's beauty. The deep-hued jewels exude good vibes and happy energy; who wouldn't want to share that with the world?


14k Gold-plated or Silver-plated brass

Cubic zirconia encrusted

Ring band measures 8 mm in width

Gemstones measure 3 mm 

Packaged in a fabric gift pouch


Founded in 2005 by Zoe Lindsley whilst studying fashion as an undergrad, the love of collecting vintage jewellery and found items went from experimenting with repurposing ‘junk’ to developing a brand identity. From initially catching the eye of her fellow students, before long she had a popular stall at London’s Portobello Road Market where a loyal following emerged. In 2007, she decided it was time to take the business online. While the brand has grown since then, its core identity remains the same: effortless everyday jewellery. Zoe now works with a manufacturer to produce her collections, and she’s hired her sister, Mollie, who you’ll see across all our social media and on hand to help with designs. These are sisters in business, behind the scenes of Junk Jewels and doing it their way.

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