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Mausritter: A Little Critter Adventure Game - Hosted by Tom Unruh

Mausritter: A Little Critter Adventure Game - Hosted by Tom Unruh

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Join us for an adventure in a fantasy world, where you get to play the hero! Bring your family or friends to Riley Grae for an evening of collaborative storytelling; a little bit of board game, improv, and storytelling all in one. 

Join us on Fridays twice a month from 4:00pm - 7:30pm

About the game: Pick up your needle-sword and button-shield and wander through the world of Mausritter as a tiny adventurer. Come explore a cozy estate filled to the brim with cute mice, frogs, and other adorable little guys. Similar to Dungeons and Dragons, Mausritter is a game of storytelling, and playing as a character, but the game’s challenges and stakes are closer to helping others, than saving the entire world. Sessions will be run by experienced gamemaster Tom, and any dice, character sheets, or materials needed will be supplied. 


  • The Session will be held in the back of the store in or new events room. The game should only take 3-4 hours to play and the start of the game can vary on the participants schedule
  • At the moment the limit is 8 people per session 

Presented by Fantasy Club Books and Riley Grae 

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