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Blackwing Matte Pencil | Set of 12
Blackwing Matte Pencil | Set of 12
Blackwing Matte Pencil | Set of 12

Blackwing Matte Pencil | Set of 12

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Ideal for musicians, woodworkers and anyone who prefer a soft, dark line, the Blackwing Matte is the softest of the four core Blackwing models. The Blackwing Matte pencil features a timeless matte black finish, iconic square Blackwing ferrule and black eraser. Blackwing Matte pencils come in a 12-pack gift box that also doubles as a pencil cup.


Set of 12

Genuine incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite


Blackwing's story starts with a pencil, but it doesn't end there. They're a team of writers, artists, musicians, designers, and DIYers who think the world is a little bit better when you slow down. They make thoughtfully designed pencils, notebooks, and tools.

Blackwing believes that thoughtful interaction with the world around us leads to a healthier life. That interaction may come from scribbling a thought in your journal, flipping through the dusty pages of a familiar book, or listening to the warm tone of your favourite record. No matter what form it takes, there's something profoundly human about it that's in our DNA.