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Idlewild Co.

Rainbow Checks Jumbo Notepad

Rainbow Checks Jumbo Notepad

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This handy notepad features a colourful hand-painted checkered border with a pastel checkered centre. Keep your daily task lists organized, or pen a message snail-mail style to brighten someone’s day.


6" x 6"

200 Sheets 


Idlewild Co. is a boutique paper goods and gifts company founded in 2010 by artist and designer Katie Gastley. Driven by a passion for unique, artisanal-quality products that offer a breath of fresh air in today’s gift market, Idlewild produces a distinctly graphic line of greeting cards, notebooks, and more. Over the last 10 years, the brand has established itself as a go-to independent source for creative gift products, selling through hundreds of stores across the globe.

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