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Resin Origami Dripper Holder

Resin Origami Dripper Holder

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Designed to support the Origami dripper, this resin holder provides a stable surface during brewing. Plus, the ridged design fits the grooves of the dripper, helping to auto-level your dripper for more stable brewing. To use, simply place the holder on your cup and align the ridges of the dripper to sit within the holder for a steady extraction. Made from AS Resin, this holder is favoured for being both portable and durable.


AS Resin

Suitable for use with both small and medium sized Origami Drippers

Handwash only


ORIGAMI aims to offer truly practical coffee gear for baristas. They believe that functional, easy to handle tools add value to a cup of coffee. Their products are manufactured in Mino, Gifu, which is one of the largest areas of ceramic manufacturing in Japan. The fusion of handicrafts by skilled craftsmen and the equipment using the latest technology makes it possible to provide high-quality   products.
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