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Emma Vidgen

The Astrology Of You

The Astrology Of You

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The Astrology of You is a guide to understanding your birth chart, helping you to decode the messages that were in the stars from the moment of your birth. It’s a self-help book rooted in astrology that demystifies the birth chart and helps you understand yourself on a whole new level.
Written by astrologer and meditation teacher Emma Vidgen, The Astrology of You takes a unique approach to helping you achieve success and happiness. You will discover your optimum setting for satisfying relationships, emotional security, and creative fulfilment, and learn where to look for guidance when something goes wrong. 
The birth chart is a personalized instruction manual for life, and The Astrology of You will teach you how to make sense of yours.


7.5" x 5.3"

176 Pages



Emma Vidgen is an Australian astrologer, meditation teacher, and journalist. Her fascination with the stars began as a child, despite being chastised for being the ‘world’s most untidy Virgo’. Emma is passionate about making esoteric practices accessible and fun.

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