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Studio Oh!

The Vision Board Guided Journal

The Vision Board Guided Journal

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How do you envision your best life? And how will you get there? This guided journal is the perfect place to bring your dreams into focus. Covering all aspects of life, from self-care and relationships to career and the home, this journal provides targeted prompts for understanding your current situations and priorities. Then it offers ample space for brainstorming your future and curating your ultimate vision. Whether you want to focus on travel, relaxation, companionship, spirituality, or wealth, this journal touches on all that and more. You’ll also find helpful tools for setting and accomplishing goals, encouraging you to achieve the life of your dreams step by manageable step.


8.75" x 8.75"

128 Pages



Studio Oh! strives to create stationery products and gifts that are inspiring, delightful, and unexpected. They’re proud to offer a range of items that feature fresh, original artwork designed to transform ordinary goods into cherished belongings. They believe that even the smallest details can add a touch of wit and whimsy to the everyday. 

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