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Trampoline | All The People In This House

Trampoline | All The People In This House

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Released October 1, 2021

Produced by Trampoline with John Paul Peters.
All songs written by Michelle Lecnik except Socrates and Doris by Steve Martens.
Socrates lyrics derived from The Apology by Plato.
All songs arranged by Trampoline.
Recorded at Private Ear Studio.
Additional recording in the house.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear studio.

Album cover by Rose Flater
Back photo by Nicole Peel

Trampoline is:
Michelle Lecnik: lead vocals, background vocals, guitars, piano, synths, brass and strings
Joey Penner: bass, background vocals
Steve Martens: drums, percussion, monks, gangs, piano, microkorg, sound effects, pre-production recording

Guest performers:
Kristen, Kristaps, Veda and Milla- additional vocals/voices on Doris.
John Paul Peters - Violin on Escher, Elle II, and Socrates
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