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Yes We Mystic

Forgiver - Yes We Mystic

Forgiver - Yes We Mystic

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Yes We Mystic has been many things in its decade of existence. In the beginning, it was a group of high schoolers making music on borrowed instruments in a basement in Winnipeg, Manitoba; in a few short years it had become an internationally-touring musical powerhouse being praised as “art pop transformers” (Julijana Capone, BeatRoute Magazine) charged with a “fearless creative energy” (Exclaim!). By 2019, for the release of their sophomore album Ten Seated Figures, they had reinvented themselves as a performance art collective. Shortly thereafter the band’s longtime rehearsal space, reborn as House of Wonders, became the beating heart of off-kilter indie music in Winnipeg as frontman Adam Fuhr became a sought-after producer—producing work from JayWood, Virgo Rising, Amos the Kid, and Julien’s Daughter, among dozens more. Yes We Mystic returned as art-rock veterans for the release of their third and final album, Trust Fall, in October 2022.

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